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S Korean ambassador wishes India on Independence Day, shows strong support for G20 presidency

August 16, 2023 12:12 PM IST

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Chang Jae-bok, the Ambassador of South Korea to India, extended warm wishes to the people of India on the occasion of Independence Day. Drawing a parallel between the two nations, he noted that August 15 holds significance for both India and Korea, marking their respective Independence Days. He conveyed his heartfelt congratulations to India and its citizens on this special day.

He said, “15th of August is the Independence Day for both India and Korea. So, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to India and the people of India.”

Speaking about the upcoming G20 Summit, scheduled to take place in New Delhi on September 9th and 10th, Ambassador Chang expressed strong support for India’s presidency of the G20 this year. He emphasised the significance of the summit and hoped that it would serve as a highlight of India’s leadership in the international arena.

“Our President is coming for the G20 Summit which is going to be held on September 09 and 10. We strongly support India’s G20 presidency this year. We hope that the Summit in September will be the highlight.”

Touching upon cultural connections, Ambassador Chang discussed the popularity of the “Naatu Naatu” dance cover by the South Korean Embassy. This dance cover, which gained immense popularity since its release, became a viral sensation, showcasing the vibrant Korean culture. He noted the enthusiastic response from Indians who showed keen interest in Korean traditions and customs. The dance cover added to the growing fascination with Korean culture among the Indian population. “Since the end of February, ‘Naatu Naatu’ dance cover by the Korean Embassy was a big hit and viral. Many Indians showed interest in Korean culture. We have put more heat (through Naatu Naatu cover) to the fever of Korean culture amongst Indian people,” stated Chang.

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