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July 18, 2024 12:25 PM

Ukraine rushes to create AI-enabled war drones

In Ukraine, a handful of startups are developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to help fly a vast fleet of drones, taking warfare into uncharted territory as combatants race to gain a technological edge in battle. Ukraine hopes a rollout of AI...

July 17, 2024 5:27 PM

U.S. start-up uses AI to track space junk and warn of collisions

A U.S. start-up is hoping to help solve the burgeoning issue of space junk with an artificial intelligence driven tracking system that warns satellite operators before a collision that can create even more debris. Privateer, co-founded by Apple's St...

July 16, 2024 2:20 PM

Webb telescope reveals wild weather on cosmic brown dwarfs

The weather report is in for the two brown dwarfs - celestial bodies bigger than a planet but smaller than a star - closest to us. It is inclement, to put it mildly: blazingly hot, with a toxic chemical cocktail swirling in the atmosphere and clouds ...

July 16, 2024 2:14 PM

Elon Musk claims ‘record high’ X usage

Tech billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed on Tuesday that his platform X, formerly Twitter, reached a 'record high in usage'. Musk said that X experienced a total of "417 billion user-seconds globally" in one day. In a post on X, Musk said, "...

July 15, 2024 2:54 PM

OpenAI working on new reasoning technology under code name ‘Strawberry’

ChatGPT maker OpenAI is working on a novel approach to its artificial intelligence models in a project code-named “Strawberry,” according to a person familiar with the matter and internal documentation. The project, details of which have not bee...

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