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World’s Largest Grain Storage Plan to empower farmers

August 9, 2023 12:37 PM IST

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The ‘World’s Largest Grain Storage Plan in the Cooperative Sector’ will be rolled out as a Pilot Project to revolutionise agricultural infrastructure and empower farmers. The plan focuses on creating godowns and other agricultural infrastructure at the level of Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) to strengthen food security, reduce wastage, and empower farmers by enabling them to realise better prices for their crops.

Emphasising the strength of cooperatives, this transformative plan aligns with the vision of “Sahakar-se-Samriddhi” (Cooperation for Prosperity). Leveraging the potential of over 1,00,000 PACS, the plan seeks to create decentralised storage capacity and essential infrastructure to enhance the economic viability of PACS and boost India’s agricultural sector. India has over 1,00,000 PACS with a vast membership of over 13 crore farmers. Given their significant role in the agricultural landscape, the plan seeks to empower PACS by creating decentralised storage capacity and other necessary infrastructure. This transformation will enhance the economic viability of PACS and contribute to the growth of the Indian agricultural sector.

What’s the Need?
With India’s growing population and limited arable land, the need for a robust network of food grain storage facilities becomes imperative. Also, India runs the world’s largest food programme under the National Food Security Act, 2013, that covers about 81 crore people. Therefore, to ensure food security of a billion plus population, a robust network of food grain storage facilities becomes essential. By implementing a decentralised local storage system, the wastage of food grains can be avoided, strengthening food security and preventing distress sales by farmers. Additionally, this plan will reduce transportation costs and enable better price discovery for farmers.

The Pilot Projects are underway in 24 PACS across 24 States/UTs, with decentralized storage capacities ranging from 500 MT to 2000 MT. These initiatives will not only bolster food security but also empower farmers and pave the way for a prosperous future in agriculture. Since PACS would be operating as a procurement centre as well as Fair Price Shops (FPS), the cost incurred in transportation would also be saved.

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