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4th edition of ‘Nadi Utsav’ to exhibit ‘Sanjhi’ based on 16 Ghats

September 22, 2023 12:03 PM IST

Nadi Utsav | River Yamuna | National Mission on Cultural Mapping | IGNCA | Rivers in India

4th ‘Nadi Utsav’ is being organized in Delhi on the banks of River Yamuna by the National Mission on Cultural Mapping (NMCM) of IGNCA and the Janapada Sampada Division, scheduled from September 22nd to September 24th, 2023.

The three-day event will include a variety of events, including scholarly discussions with environmentalists and scholars on various subjects, screening of films, presentations by eminent artists, puppet shows, and discussions on various books.

This three-day event will begin on September 22 at 10.30 am at Umang Conference Hall, IGNCA. In the ‘Nadi Utsav’ event, discussion sessions will be organized on many topics including mention of rivers in ancient texts, cultural heritage along the rivers, and rivers in folk and cultural traditions. 18 films will also be screened in these three days, out of which 6 films have been produced by IGNCA.

‘Nadi Utsav’ will have three types of exhibitions. The ‘Sanjhi’ exhibition will be based on 16 Ghats of the country. Apart from this, a photography exhibition related to river civilization and an exhibition of paintings made on rivers by school children of Delhi will also be organized. These paintings will reflect what school children think about rivers.

‘Nadi Utsav’ is an attempt to document riverine culture, its tradition, rituals and water wisdom. The national seminar will have five academic sessions in which senior scholars will participate in round table conference.

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