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Argentina President lauds India for hosting G20 Summit amid ongoing world situation

September 10, 2023 9:24 AM IST

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Argentina’s President Alberto Fernández has lauded India’s successful hosting of the G20 Summit amid the ongoing global crisis.

“India has been a wonderful host and president of the G20…It is a very tough moment to organise an event such as the G20 right now because of the Ukrainian crisis and the situation that the world is up against right now…”, PM Fernández stated.

He also emphasized the special relationship between India and Argentina, noting their shared values and mentioning the shared icon of Lionel Messi. Additionally, he praised the expansion of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and the proposal to create a common currency, reducing reliance on the US Dollar.

“I believe that the founding partners of BRICS made a good decision, not just by founding BRICS…but also by incorporating other countries into the BRICS. They have incorporated five countries…They have made an innovative proposal to create a common currency that we can use and set aside the Dollar…l talked to President Xi Jinping and asked him to let us join the BRICS. I talked about this with every President and PM Modi as well…Now, I welcome and appreciate the fact that we were given this opportunity..,”

Fernández expressed his approval of Argentina’s invitation to join BRICS and advocated for the inclusion of Latin American and Caribbean States in the G20, citing their similar challenges to the African Union.

“I think the Indian presidency has taken a big step forward by incorporating the African Union into the G20. I have proposed that based on that decision, the G20 should incorporate the community of Latin American and Caribbean States which undergo a situation very similar to that of the African Union,” he said.

Regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Fernández highlighted differing perspectives between the north and south and stated that Russia’s actions were wrong. He emphasized the conflict’s negative impact on the world, both ethically and economically.

Fernandez also highlighted that the conflict is detrimental to the world and breaks the economic balance of the world.

“We believe that as this conflict goes in lingers in time, that is very detrimental to the world. It is ethically harmful because people continue to die and after a pandemic, this is inadmissible. It has broken the economic balance of the world,” he mentioned.

Apart from this, he drew attention to the global food and climate crises, emphasizing the need for action rather than mere speeches.

The Argentine President landed in New Delhi on 9th September, Friday. He was received by Minister of State for Steel and Rural Development, Faggan Singh Kulaste, upon his arrival at the Delhi airport.

(Inputs from ANI)


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