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Asia Cup 2023: Afghanistan’s run-chase falls short amidst qualification confusion

September 6, 2023 11:36 AM IST

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In a high-stakes encounter, cricket enthusiasts were treated to an absolute thriller, as Afghanistan, unaware that it still had three balls to meet the Super 4 qualification criteria against Sri Lanka, botched a run chase at the Gaddafi International Stadium in Lahore on Tuesday.

The Afghan innings proved to be an absolute rollercoaster ride. To advance to the Super 4 stage, Afghanistan had the daunting task of chasing down the target within 37.1 overs or less. At one point, it seemed they were not only on course for victory but also poised to surpass Sri Lanka in the race for qualification.

With the scoreboard reading 200 runs after just 26 overs and only four wickets down, Afghanistan required 92 runs in the remaining 11.1 overs to secure their Super 4 berth. Mohammad Nabi emerged as the driving force behind this remarkable chase, earning widespread admiration for his explosive batting prowess.

Nevertheless, the game took a dramatic twist when Nabi was dismissed. As the match progressed, Rashid Khan and Najibullah Zadran played pivotal roles, bringing the game to a nail-biting climax. With just three runs needed off the final ball to secure their qualification, the tension reached its zenith.

In a heart-stopping moment, Mujeeb’s shot found a fielder, and everyone thought this is it. But the reality of the situation was that it was still possible for Afghanistan to qualify. They needed to score 295 runs in 37.4 overs to secure their spot. To achieve this, they had to hit one six in the next three balls. With the kind of form Rashid Khan showed, one felt that was a possibility if he got the strike. Infact, if Afghanistan got to 295 after 37.5 overs, the NRR of the two sides would have been the same which would have forced a coin toss to decide the winner. Moreover, if they had taken the total to 291 and then a hit which would have taken the score of 297, they could have qualified till the 38.1 mark.

However, Afghanistan’s number 11 batter, Fazalhaq Farooqi, seemed unaware of these permutations and combinations. He played defensively, blocking all three balls. Unfortunately, this decision cost Rashid Khan the opportunity to make the crucial stroke needed to secure victory for Afghanistan. In fact, Farooqi lost his wicket, and Afghanistan couldn’t even achieve a consolation win.

This thrilling encounter at the Asia Cup 2023 will undoubtedly be etched into memory as one of the most exhilarating matches in recent cricket history. It exemplified the unpredictability and drama that cricket aficionados cherish, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the upcoming fixtures in this fiercely competitive tournament.

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