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Climate Change

Climate Catastrophe: Climate Catastrophe: Greece, Spain, Brazil, China and others are facing extreme flooding

September 6, 2023 2:32 PM IST

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After wildfires, torrential rains and extreme flooding are wrecking havoc on the world. With extreme flooding in Las Vegas, Spain, Greece, Brazil,Turkey, Sri Lanka, more and more communities are facing extreme weather condition, resulting in loss and damage to life and property.

In the summer, Europe was battling wildfire and heatwaves, and now rain induced flooding is another challenge for the continent. These instances are living proof of changing climate and the magnitude of the challenge that lies ahead.

Flood in Spain

Devastating floods hit central Spain, disrupting transport and livelihood of people. The torrential downpour swept over large swathes of Spain on September 3 and 4, caused by a cut-off low phenomenon, that left three people dead. Transportation came to a standstill with transport infrastructure, shutting roads, subway lines and high-speed train connections, getting affected. The heaviest damage was in the provinces of Toledo and Madrid in the country’s center.

The severe flooding even caused a bridge leading to Aldea del Fresno in Spain to partially collapse.

Flood in Greece

Torrential rains have flooded homes, businesses and roads in Greece. Storm Daniel is causing severe flooding in central Greece. In the coming days, the situation could worsen as the area of low pressure responsible could stall over the Mediterranean sea, continuing the heavy rainfall over Greece.

While a man died after a wall collapsed near Volos city, probably due to bad weather; about 94 inmates were moved to safety after torrential rain damaged part of their nursing home in Volos.

Flood in Brazil

Disastrous flooding is affecting southern Brazil after it was hit by an extratropical cyclone. The storm battered the Vale do Taquari region and the city of Lajeado, in Rio Grande do Sul, flooding homes, swelling rivers, and claiming the lives of 21 people in the southern state, according to state authorities.

Flood in China

Meanwhile in Asia, Typhoon Haikui lashed southeastern China early on Wednesday, September 6, bringing floods and waterlogging that forced cities in Fujian province to halt subway services, shut schools and evacuate tens of thousands.

The rain shattered 12-year-old records in the provincial capital of Fuzhou, weather officials said, prompting warnings that 49 reservoirs had exceeded flood limits.

More than 36,000 people were evacuated from homes, power and communications links were damaged and nearly 4,195 hectares (10,366 acres) of farmland inundated, causing losses of $75 million.

Flood in Turkey

At least five people have been killed in torrential rainstorms and flooding in Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria, including two people who were washed away when floodwaters swept through a camping ground in Turkey’s northwestern province.

The Turkish city of Istanbul was submerged in floodwaters early on Wednesday (September 6), after a storm brought flooding that killed at least two people, according to local officials.

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