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Cultural corridor to display artifacts of G20 nations at Bharat Mandapam

September 2, 2023 4:25 PM IST

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India is all ready to host the G20 summit. Aligning with it, a cultural corridor showcasing heritage from G20 nations will be the centre of attraction at Bharat Mandapam, the main venue of the G20 Summit in New Delhi.

The corridor will display several artifacts of the G20 nations. Physical and virtual exhibitions will also be on display along with the craft market at the gala event. Further, an exhibition themed on ‘India as the Mother of Democracy’ is being hosted at the Bharat Mandapam to mark the Summit.

The displays are broadly categorised as Object of Cultural Significance (as a physical display), Iconic Cultural Masterpiece (as a digital display), Intangible Cultural Heritage (as a digital display), Natural Heritage (as a digital display), and an Artefact Related to Democratic Practices (as a physical or digital display).

The display would include the pages of Panini’s Ashtadhyayi, a 6th to 5th century BCE treatise on Sanskrit grammar from India, United Kingdom’s Magna Carta issued in 1215; the Charter of Freedom of the United States, Fahua-lidded jar from China; the Mona Lisa displayed at the Louvre in France to the Gutenberg Bible from Germany, and more.

In an exclusive interview with Akashwani News, the Head of Operations and Logistics of India’s G20 Secretariat and Special Secretary Muktesh Pardeshi said that India’s G20 presidency has become the people’s G20 as the country has conducted it as a national celebration.

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