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September 30, 2023 3:07 PM IST

East Asia Summit: India advocates for rules-based Indo-pacific

India at East Asia Summit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded his quick visit to Indonesia, where he attended the 20th ASEAN-India Summit and the 18th East Asia Summit (EAS) on September 7.

Focusing on the East Asia Summit, PM Modi reaffirmed India’s unwavering support for the EAS mechanism and emphasised the importance of further strengthening it. He underscored India’s commitment to the centrality of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and advocated for a free, open, and rules-based Indo-Pacific region.

In his address, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the synergies of visions for Indo-Pacific between India and ASEAN and underscored that ASEAN is the focal point of QUAD’s vision.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi called for a cooperative approach to tackle global challenges such as terrorism, climate change, resilient supply chains for essential items, including food and medicines, and energy security. He also showcased India’s proactive steps in addressing climate change, including its initiatives such as the International Solar Alliance (ISA), Lifestyle for the Environment (LiFE). 

The discussions at the East Asia Summit witnessed leaders engaging in constructive dialogues on various regional and international matters, reflecting the significance of this platform in fostering diplomatic cooperation.

However, the summit also spotlighted rising global tensions and the ongoing crisis in Myanmar. Speaking at the opening of the East Asia Forum, Indonesian President Joko Widodo urged fellow leaders to defuse tensions and not create new conflicts or wars.

Bangladesh President Mohammad Shahabuddin, who was also present in the meeting, called on the international community to find a durable solution to the conflict in Myanmar, which has driven hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees to his country.

In a statement on Wednesday (September 6), ASEAN chair Indonesia said regional leaders expressed “grave concern” over a lack of substantial progress on their five-point peace plan for Myanmar.

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