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G20 Summit 2023: Delhi pumps up to host the mega event

September 4, 2023 12:21 PM IST

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With the most prestigious G20 Summit just days away, New Delhi is getting all decked up with significant makeovers. To review the preparedness for the upcoming G20 Summit, Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister, Dr PK Mishra, along with LG, Delhi Vinay Kumar Saxena undertook an extensive site visit of multiple locations across Delhi.

The primary aspect of the beautification is to showcase India’s rich culture and provide a glimpse of world class experience to the international dignitaries during the course of their visit for the Summit. The Principal Secretary serves as the chairman of the coordination committee responsible for G20 Summit preparedness. In this role, Dr. P K Mishra conducted a review exercise to ensure that all arrangements are in place as planned for hosting a memorable Summit.

Rolling out the red carpet for the heads of states, New Delhi is adorning itself with a grand display. The beautification display ranges from fountains and statues of diverse forms and sizes to vibrant street art that narrates the rich tapestry of Indian history, mythology, art, and culture, along with an array of meticulously landscaped greenery. The Public Works Department (PWD) and various civic agencies are in the final stages of adding finishing touches to these ambitious projects.

Numerous statues and posters have been strategically placed throughout the city, showcasing the country’s rich diversity. These installations have become a source of visual delight for both commuters and visitors alike. Additionally, at key locations, one can find the national flags of G20 member countries displayed, alongside statues representing the national animals of these nations.

Bharat Mandapam, the venue which is going to witness this historic event, has an installation of the ‘Shiva – Nataraja.’ This remarkable 27-foot-tall figure of Nataraja, weighing approximately 20 tons, has been meticulously crafted using traditional casting methods and fashioned from Ashta-dhatu. As a magnificent symbol of Lord Shiva in his cosmic dance form, this Nataraja statue, positioned in front of Bharat Mandapam during the G20 Presidency, stands as the tallest bronze representation of Nataraja.

Along with Bharat Mandapam, around 20 locations including Rajghat, C Hexagon – India Gate, Terminal 3 of Airport and its VIP Lounge, Aerocity area, key segments of major roads, among others, were visited and reviewed by the Principal Secretary. Outer areas of Rajghat have been beautified as also at major locations and roundabouts in Delhi.

The Principal Secretary also conducted a thorough review of the city’s traffic situation and advised the local administration to ensure ample information dissemination to the general public regarding alternative arrangements, thereby minimizing any inconveniences. Furthermore, a comprehensive assessment of facilities at Delhi Airport, particularly those prepared for welcoming the esteemed guests, was undertaken.

To ensure seamless operations, educational institutions and offices will have temporary closures, and traffic restrictions will be enforced to facilitate the smooth passage of delegation motorcades. The Public Works Department (PWD) has prioritized the prevention of waterlogging. It has compiled a checklist of critical locations and verified the functionality of all pumps, pump houses, and permanent pumping facilities.

Dr. Mishra subsequently visited the technical zone of Palam Airforce Station, designated for the arrival of the heads of state’s aircraft. Senior air force officials provided Dr. Mishra with detailed briefings on various aspects, including aircraft parking, the reception of head of states, lounge facilities, and other amenities. Additionally, emergency medical facilities have been strategically established within the technical airport area.

In the interest of security, the department has augmented its surveillance infrastructure by adding 44 additional CCTV cameras to the existing 1.20 lakh cameras scattered throughout Delhi. Furthermore, specialized quick response teams, outfitted in distinctive uniforms, will be strategically positioned along key thoroughfares. These teams will operate in close coordination with both Delhi Police and other security personnel.

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