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India has managed to get on the lexicon of global diplomacy, says EAM Jaishankar

September 5, 2023 11:41 AM IST

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“In terms of the global south, we have definitely managed to get it on the Lexicon of global diplomacy today and we have managed to get it on the conscience of the world,” stated External Affairs Minister (EAM) Dr. S Jaishankar while exclusively speaking with DD India on DD Dialogue, ‘G20: The India Way’.

Ahead of the upcoming G20 Summit in the national capital, New Delhi on 9-10 September, EAM drew attention to the importance of the global south and its issues, emphasizing that these concerns are at the heart of the G20’s mandate and should resonate worldwide. “G20 is supposed to be all about global growth and development. Anything that will happen in the global south will also affect the global north as well,” he further added.

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Regarding India’s priorities for the G20 Summit, EAM Jaishankar outlined a focus on leveraging the concept of the global south. This approach encompasses key objectives, including sustainable development and growth, ensuring resources for environmentally friendly development, and ensuring that digital opportunities are accessible to a wide range of countries.

Answering on how India seems to be ready for Global leadership as a people and as a society, EAM said, “The average person intuitively today is far more globalised, there is a natural inclination to reach out to the world, the stronger sense of capability and contribution, the feeling that we Indian, we make a difference,” makes India stand out as a global leader.

Highlighting the congruence between ‘The India Way’, the Indian ethos and G20, EAM Jaishankar mentioned India’s three concepts:

– Importance of understanding the global environment

– Within that environment how do you define priorities and focus on them

– Third, how do you get it done?

India becoming credible and actionable

Speaking about important aspect of India’s global credibility, EAM stated, “From a perception in the world of an argumentative India, today we have become the delivery India, credible India and actionable India.” He went on to say that the world is greatly interested in understanding India’s achievements, such as the successful implementation of the Co-Win platform, development of its indigenous 5G technology stack, and the efficient digital delivery system, including cashless transactions. These accomplishments are garnering significant admiration.

According to EAM Jaishankar, India’s remarkable accomplishments over the past decade have significantly bolstered the confidence of its people. This includes the nation’s adept response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the successful implementation of the world’s largest vaccination campaign. The EAM noted that India’s swift and efficient efforts in securing its students in Ukraine during challenging times, its early response to the earthquake in Turkey, and the triumphant mission of Chandrayan-3 in space exploration all contribute to the growing sense of assurance among its citizens.

Addressing the significance of the G20 Summit, EAM S Jaishankar emphasized that this forum is contemporary and broad-based and is truly the premier multilateral forum and consequently the responsibility on this forum is also immense. EAM Jaishankar added that a crucial aspect of the G20 Summit in New Delhi is for all 20 participating countries to unite with a profound sense of responsibility. He stressed that all should collectively recognize the critical nature of the global situation and understand that numerous regions around the world are eagerly looking to the G20 for leadership and solutions.

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