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India, Korea working on migration and mobility partnership agreement: Envoy Chang Jae-bok

September 13, 2023 12:08 PM IST

India | South Korea | Envoy Chang Jae-bok | MMPA

South Korean Ambassador, Chang Jae-bok on September 12 during a Press Conference said that India and Korea are working on a migration and mobility partnership. He said that it was proposed by India and that Korea is hoping to finalize it soon. “India and Korea are working on the migration and mobility partnership agreement proposed by the Indian government…We are hoping that it will be finalized in the near future…” said Chang Jae-bok.

the main objective of the MMPA is to provide for the equal treatment of nationals of both Parties in similar situations, while also ensuring that the provisions of the Agreement do not prejudice the application of national laws on the stay of foreigners on all points not dealt with in the Agreement.

Another significant aspect of the MMPA is that it will regulate multiple entry visas for professionals and student exchange programs. These programs will be reviewed regularly by a Joint Working Group (JWG) to ensure that they are meeting their objectives and delivering the desired outcomes.

India already has MMPA with a number of countries including Germany, France, Finland, UK, Australia.

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