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Indian Air Force to carry out mega military drill ‘Trishul’ along China, Pakistan borders

September 1, 2023 12:12 PM IST

Indian Air Force | military drill | Trishul exercise

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is making preparations for a significant training maneuver named ‘Trishul,’ set to occur in the northern region of India, adjacent to the borders with China and Pakistan. This exercise is planned to span from September 4 to 14 and will align with the G20 Summit scheduled for September 8 to 10 in New Delhi.

Commencing on September 4, the IAF is poised to undertake an extensive 11-day training drill along the frontiers shared with China and Pakistan. Reports from the media indicate that this exercise will encompass a comprehensive array of essential components, including frontline combat jets, attack helicopters, mid-air refueling capabilities, and other vital aerial resources.

As stated by the IAF, the exercises are set to take place across various areas within the northern sector, encompassing Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, as well as Punjab. The drills will feature the participation of prominent fighter aircraft fleets, such as the Rafale, Mirage 2000, and Su-30MKIs.

Beyond the aforementioned fighter jets, the training exercise will encompass heavy-lift transport aircraft and helicopters, including the Chinooks and Apache, further broadening the scope of the exercise. The esteemed Garud Special Forces unit from the IAF will also participate in these drills. Organised by the IAF’s Western Command, the primary objective of this exercise is to evaluate the force’s combat prowess and analyze diverse operational facets.

According to information from media sources, this exercise is poised to be one of the most substantial air maneuvers conducted by the IAF in recent times. Additionally, t will involve the deployment of vital assets from the Western Air Command, alongside resources from other commands, making it an extensive and comprehensive training event.

Significantly, the ‘Trishul’ exercise is unfolding against the backdrop of a prolonged standoff between Indian and Chinese troops, which has endured for over three years. Additionally, it occurs in the context of India’s persistently strained relations with Pakistan.

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