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September 9, 2023 12:25 PM IST

India’s role in conjunction with G20 critical for path to COP28, says Majid Al-Suwaidi

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In the lead-up to the much-anticipated COP28 and the ongoing G20 summit, global leaders are turning their attention to India’s vital role in advancing climate action and the ambitious commitments they hope to see from the nation. Majid Al-Suwaidi, the Director-General of COP28, sheds light on India’s significance and the collaborative efforts required to combat climate change.

India: A Global Leader in Climate Action

India has long been recognized as a key player in the international climate arena, consistently demonstrating leadership and commitment to addressing the climate crisis. The UAE’s Majid Al-Suwaidi, while speaking ahead of the COP28 and G20 summit, highlighted India’s importance as a global voice and commended the strong relationship between the UAE and India.

Al-Suwaidi noted the critical role that India plays as the chair and host of the G20, emphasizing that the outcomes of the G20 are intrinsically linked to the path leading up to COP28. He expressed optimism about the positive outcomes already witnessed within the G20 framework and stressed the importance of the G20 delivering substantial momentum to encourage countries to take bold actions at COP28.

India’s Dual Challenge: Development and Climate Action

India, home to a vast and diverse population, faces a unique challenge in its quest for sustainable development and climate action. Mr. Al-Suwaidi recognized India’s commendable strides in renewable energy adoption but also acknowledged the significant challenges the nation faces in providing energy for its growth while ensuring environmental sustainability.

The Director-General highlighted the need for India to swiftly implement the right policies and create an enabling environment for climate action. India’s diverse geography, with varying climate-related challenges from north to south, east to west, necessitates a comprehensive approach tailored to different scenarios and situations.

Mobilizing Finance for Climate-Smart Solutions

Mr. Al-Suwaidi emphasized the interconnectedness of development and climate action, emphasizing that both goals can be achieved simultaneously. He underscored the importance of financial institutions reform to ensure that intelligent climate investments are made.

The example of a refugee camp was used to illustrate how financial constraints often lead to less climate-friendly choices. In this scenario, a diesel generator was used to pump water because it was the most cost-effective option. However, with adequate investment in a solar array, cleaner and more reliable energy could be harnessed. India, with its vast off-grid opportunities, was presented as an ideal candidate for deploying such climate-smart solutions, including solar power in villages to improve access to education, lighting, and communication.

UAE’s Approach to Climate and Economic Diversification

Drawing parallels with the UAE’s own journey, Mr. Al-Suwaidi highlighted how the UAE has transformed challenges into opportunities. The UAE, renowned for its hot climate and beautiful beaches, has leveraged these assets to create a booming tourism industry. Today, the country has diversified its economy, with 70% of its economic activities being non-oil and gas-related.

The UAE’s leadership has consistently advocated for turning the clean energy transition into an opportunity. The country has invested heavily in renewables and is now a major player in the global renewable energy market. This approach has not only benefited the UAE but also created jobs and opportunities, particularly for its youth. The UAE is collaborating with the Indian government to implement renewable energy projects in India, demonstrating their commitment to fostering climate-friendly solutions globally.

In conclusion, as COP28 and the G20 summit approach, India’s role in advancing climate action remains a central theme. Collaborative efforts and smart, climate-smart choices will be essential to address India’s dual challenge of development and climate action while setting a precedent for other developing nations to follow.

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