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Narendra Modi

PM Modi Connects with YouTuber Community at YouTube Fanfest 2023

September 28, 2023 9:04 AM IST

PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked his 15th anniversary on YouTube with a special address to the YouTuber community during the YouTube Fanfest India 2023. The event witnessed the Prime Minister sharing his profound experiences and insights into the transformative power of the platform, which has allowed him to connect with both the nation and the world.

Addressing the massive gathering of over 5,000 creators and budding talents spanning various genres such as gaming, technology, food, travel, and lifestyle content, PM Modi acknowledged their diverse impact on the Indian audience. He envisioned the power of YouTube as a tool to educate and empower millions on crucial matters.

The Prime Minister reminisced about his extensive library of videos on YouTube, highlighting his most gratifying moments where he engaged with lakhs of students, providing guidance on topics like exam stress, expectation management, and productivity.

Delving into themes closely tied to mass movements, PM Modi first lauded the monumental success of the Swachh Bharat campaign, which saw active participation from YouTubers who made cleanliness an appealing cause. He urged the community not to relent until cleanliness becomes synonymous with India’s identity.

Secondly, the Prime Minister emphasized the significance of digital payments, pointing out that India commands a 46 percent share of global digital payments, largely due to the triumph of UPI. He called upon YouTubers to inspire and educate fellow citizens about the ease of digital payments in simple and relatable language.

Thirdly, PM Modi highlighted the “Vocal For Local” initiative, underscoring the incredible craftsmanship and locally made products that India has to offer. He urged YouTubers to use their platform to promote and celebrate these artisans, contributing to the global recognition of Indian-made goods.

In a heartfelt appeal, the Prime Minister encouraged the nation to support products that embody the essence of India, products “that have the fragrance of our soil and the sweat of laborers and artisans.” He emphasized the importance of awakening the nation and initiating a movement in this direction.

Concluding his address, Prime Minister Modi offered a unique suggestion to the YouTuber community – to include a question and actionable points at the end of each episode. This approach, he believed, would not only enhance their popularity but also engage the audience in meaningful activities.

The Prime Minister expressed his delight in addressing the YouTuber community and humorously concluded his speech with a familiar YouTube sign-off, saying, “Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Icon to receive all my updates.”

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