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Sri Lanka’s foreign minister backs India

September 26, 2023 3:39 PM IST

Sri Lanka | M.U.M Ali Sabry | Trudeau

Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister M.U.M Ali Sabry has backed India in the ongoing diplomatic row with Canada over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s remarks. In an interview with a news agency at New York, Sabry said the Canadian Prime Minister has made outrageous allegations without any proof. He added that Trudeau had extended a rousing welcome to a Nazi veteran.

Sabry also mentioned that some terrorists have found a safe haven in Canada.

The Sri Lankan foreign minister conveyed gratitude and applauded India’s generous assistance of 4 billion dollars during last year’s economic crisis. He credited India for the recovery of Sri Lankan economy as the assistance provided by India helped the island tide over the crisis till the multi lateral organisations could finalise financing packages. He also mentioned that with discussions, India and Sri Lanka would find solutions to the livelihood issue of the fishermen on both sides.

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