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IAF gearing up for its 91st anniversary; over 100 fighter aircrafts to be in action

October 3, 2023 6:46 PM IST

Indian Air Force | fighter aircrafts | Air Force Day parade | Prayagraj

The Indian Air Force is gearing up to celebrate its 91st anniversary on October 8, 2023. In keeping with a new tradition of holding Air Force Day festivities in various parts of the nation, this year’s grand Air Force Day parade and Air Display will take place in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

Group Captain Prajyot, during a press briefing, shared exciting details about the event. He revealed that a total of 120 fighter aircraft, including the formidable Rafale fighter jets and helicopters, will be in action across 10 airbases. The highlight of the celebration will be the spectacular air display at the Sangam area in Prayagraj.

In addition to the thrilling performances, this year’s Air Force Day festivities hold special significance as it marks the farewell appearance of the venerable MiG-21. The event will also feature new additions to the aerial spectacle, such as the C-295 transport aircraft, which will soar through the skies in the impressive Sugreev formation during the Air Force Day flypast. It promises to be an awe-inspiring celebration of India’s Air Force prowess and history.

Addressing the media, IAF Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari informed that the MiG-21 fighter aircraft would be stopped by 2025 and would be replaced by the LCA Tejas. “We had signed a contract for 83 LCA Mark 1As. What we are looking at is now to supplement that contract with 97 additional aircraft,” IAF Chief further said.

The ceremonial parade is set to take place at Air Force Station Bamrauli, while the captivating Air Display will unfold over the picturesque Sangam area, near the Ordnance Depot Fort in Prayagraj. The stunning natural backdrop will enhance the beauty of the aircraft flying closely in formation.

Adding a touch of nostalgia, the event will feature two vintage aircraft, Harvard and Tigermoth, performing in a mesmerizing Luv and Kush formation during the parade over the Sangam area. Air Marshal RGK Kapoor shared that this year’s 91st Air Force Day will be celebrated in Prayagraj, a departure from its previous location in Hindon, Ghaziabad. This change means that a larger audience from various regions can now enjoy the show.

To ensure safety, a 10 km radius around Sangam has been designated as a no-fly and no-drone zone from September 6 to 8. Additionally, officials have imposed restrictions on flying kites and using laser lights in the Sangam area during the event.

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