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India and Italy strengthen collaboration against terrorism and organized crime

October 7, 2023 5:02 PM IST

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In a display of unwavering commitment to combat terrorism and transnational organized crime, India and Italy came together for the 4th meeting of the India-Italy Joint Working Group on Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime. The high-level gathering, held at the Ministry of External Affairs in India, reaffirmed the nations’ dedication to bolstering their collaborative efforts in addressing these global threats.

Led by K.D. Dewal, Joint Secretary for Counter Terrorism in the Ministry of External Affairs, and Alessandro Azzoni, Deputy Director General for Political Affairs/Principal Director for Security at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Inter-Departmental delegations of both countries engaged in in-depth discussions.

Both sides unequivocally condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. They shared valuable insights on strategies for preventing and countering terrorism, violent extremism, radicalization, cross-border terrorist travel, and the financing of terrorism. Emphasizing their support for a comprehensive approach to combat terrorism rooted in the rule of law, the delegations highlighted the importance of effectively prosecuting those responsible for terrorist acts, while strongly condemning any form of state-sponsored terrorism.

The discussions extended to the realm of multilateral cooperation, with both nations expressing their commitment to advancing collaborative efforts in international forums such as the United Nations (UN), Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF). These global platforms serve as crucial arenas for shaping international policies and strategies in the fight against terrorism and organized crime.

Furthermore, the delegations exchanged views on enhancing bilateral cooperation in areas of judicial and police cooperation. The meeting marked the reinvigoration of negotiations on bilateral agreements aimed at facilitating the exchange of information and strengthening capacity-building initiatives. These agreements are poised to bolster the operational efficiency of both nations in combating terrorism and transnational criminal organizations.

As a testament to the growing synergy between Italy and India in their battle against terrorism and violent extremism, the meeting set the groundwork for future joint training and capacity-building programs. The commitment to long-term collaboration was underscored by the announcement that the next meeting of the Joint Working Group will take place in Rome in 2024, demonstrating the dedication of both countries to this critical cause.

In an era where global threats demand concerted efforts, India and Italy have once again exhibited their commitment to working hand in hand to ensure the safety and security of their citizens and the international community at large. As they continue to strengthen their partnership, the world can look forward to more coordinated action in the fight against terrorism and organized crime.

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