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Jaishankar highlights strong India-US partnership and Gandhi’s enduring legacy

October 1, 2023 10:08 AM IST

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External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar emphasized the limitless potential of the India-US relationship during his address to the Indian diaspora at the ‘Colors of Friendship’ event at India House in Washington DC. He noted that today, New Delhi and Washington view each other as highly desirable and optimal partners, fostering a comfortable and fruitful alliance.

At the gathering, Minister Jaishankar shared his perspective on the India-US relationship, stating, “When people ask me about the trajectory of the India-US relationship, it’s challenging to define or limit it because, in every aspect, this partnership has consistently exceeded expectations. Consequently, we no longer attempt to confine or define it; instead, we continually raise the bar.”

He further expressed the idea of “chemistry and comfort” in the relationship, asserting that India and the US have evolved into partners that are not only desirable and optimal but also comfortable with one another. He underlined how they naturally complement each other in today’s ever-changing world, instilling hope for the future.

The event also saw the participation of key figures from the Biden administration, including US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Verma, President Biden’s domestic policy advisor Neera Tanden, and Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy Dr. Rahul Gupta. Additionally, US lawmakers Shri Thanedar and Rick McCormik, representing both Democrat and Republican parties, attended.

Minister Jaishankar paid floral tributes to Mahatma Gandhi, who is remembered just days away from Gandhi Jayanti. He shared insights into Gandhi’s profound legacy, emphasizing the message of doing what is right and ensuring no one is left behind.

Discussing India’s G20 presidency, the External Affairs Minister highlighted its alignment with Gandhi’s principles of doing the right thing and inclusivity. He said, “As we approach Gandhi Jayanti, I’d like to leave you with this thought: Calling Mahatma Gandhi an extraordinary man would be an understatement. His message ultimately centered on doing what is right, being compassionate, and ensuring that no one is marginalized. This message, though complex, is fundamentally simple.”

Jaishankar concluded by connecting these principles to India’s role in the G20, where the focus was on leaving no one behind, a philosophy shared by India, America, and the broader international community.

(Inputs from ANI)

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