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Union minister launches ‘Digital DARPG’ campaign to improve public services

October 11, 2023 2:39 PM IST

Union Minister Jitendra Singh | Special Campaign 3.0 | CPGRAMS | DARPG

The union minister Jitendra Singh inaugurated Special Campaign 3.0 on September 29th, at the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG). This initiative, themed “Digital DARPG,” aims to transform and enhance public services across India.

The department of administrative reforms and public grievances has taken substantial steps within the framework of special campaign 3.0 to accomplish several key objectives:

Unified service portals

DARPG organized a meeting involving 27 senior officials, including right-to-service commissioners from various states and union territories, and senior officers responsible for implementing acts. In the meeting, identified 164 services that can be delivered on a pan-India basis as e-services, in addition to the existing 56 mandatory e-services. The emphasis was on promoting faceless, suo-moto delivery and unified service delivery portals. Currently, States/UTs offer 14,736 e-services, with Jammu & Kashmir leading with 1,028 e-services. Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala, and Odisha stand out by providing 100% of their services through their identified Single Unified service delivery portals.

Reducing Pendency in Public Grievances

The DARPG released its 17th monthly report on the CPGRAMS on september 7, 2023, with a focus on sensitizing all ministries or departments about the timely and high-quality resolution of public grievances. On September 2023, grievance redressal time across all Ministries or Departments is 19 days.

Adoption of AI in CPGRAMS

Jitendra singh unveiled the IGMS 2.0 portal and the automated analysis in the tree dashboard portal on september 29, 2023. The Intelligent Grievance Monitoring System (IGMS) 2.0 Dashboard, developed in collaboration with IIT Kanpur, is equipped with AI capabilities. This dashboard offers instant tabular analysis of filed and resolved grievances, both at the state and district levels, as well as Ministry-wise data.

Adoption of Bharat GPT in CPGRAMS

DARPG has signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Bharat GPT team led by IIT Mumbai to work on India-specific large language models (LLM) powered by bhashini, bhashini aims to build a National Public Digital Platform for languages to develop services and products for citizens by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies. This collaboration aims to provide a demonstrable large language model for CPGRAMS, simplifying the redressal of citizen grievances.

In addition to these key initiatives, DARPG has made remarkable progress in addressing public grievances, having disposed of 145 cases during the first week of the campaign. Moreover, 100% of the files have been reviewed, with 140 physical files already eliminated.

The DARPG has committed to surpassing its performance in Campaign 3.0 compared to the previous year’s Campaign 2.0, with daily progress closely monitored at senior levels. This comprehensive effort signifies a significant step forward in enhancing public services and ensuring efficient governance.

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