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MEA asks Law Commission to examine and strengthen framework for NRI marriages

November 14, 2023 4:34 PM IST

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The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has called upon the Law Commission of India to scrutinize and strengthen the framework governing Non-Resident Indian (NRI) marriages, both in the context of international public law and private laws.

Sources indicate that the MEA has recently initiated discussions with the Law Commission to identify and address deficiencies in existing laws contributing to issues such as the abandonment of partners, particularly brides, in NRI marriages. The Law Commission is in the initial stages of formulating a comprehensive framework to tackle these challenges, with a focus on closing loopholes that may be exploited by wrongdoers. This includes a thorough examination of procedural requirements within the judicial system.

The Commission will also delve into the 2019 bill related to the registration of NRI marriages and the Foreign Marriage Act.

The MEA has received numerous complaints concerning marital problems faced by Indian women married to overseas Indians. These issues include abandonment in India, delays in visa sponsorship, communication breakdown, harassment by spouses and in-laws, unilateral divorce, and matters related to child custody.

To support affected Indian women, the ministry, along with its Missions/Posts, provides counselling, guidance, and information on legal procedures. 
Walk-in sessions and open-house meetings are conducted to address grievances, with a specific focus on women. MADAD and CPGRAM portals are also utilized to handle these issues.

Furthermore, Missions and Posts maintain a 24×7 helpline for emergencies, extending assistance through various social media platforms. Financial and legal aid is made available through the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) for distressed NRI women, as per MEA guidelines.

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