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Climate Change

COP28 Youth Day advances climate policy with inclusive decision making

December 9, 2023 2:15 PM IST

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COP28’s flagship Youth, Children, Skills, and Education Day marked a historic moment as it hosted the first-ever Youth Stocktake, emphasizing the pivotal role of young people in climate diplomacy. The event aimed to foster meaningful dialogue between young delegates and policymakers, providing a platform for youth involvement in climate action.

COP28, in collaboration with YOUNGO (the Children and Youth Constituency of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change), launched the Youth Stocktake—a comprehensive analysis of youth participation in climate diplomacy. The initiative presented a strategic blueprint to enhance youth engagement in the COP process, aligning with the COP28 Presidency’s goal of building a global legacy and prioritizing inclusivity in climate discussions.

The COP28 Presidency advocated for improved global climate education, urging nations to incorporate climate education into their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and National Adaptation Plans (NAPs). Notably, 38 countries committed to this by signing the UNESCO Greening Education Partnership Declaration.COP28 President Dr. Sultan Al Jaber emphasized the transformative nature of COP28, asserting its focus on creating a better future for youth and children. The day also featured a graduation ceremony for the COP28 Youth Climate Delegates Program, the largest initiative to date aimed at expanding youth participation in the COP process.

India’s Union Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate change also launched Youth Focussed Initiatives such as ‘Green Rising Initiative’ and ‘Youth Actions on Lifestyle for Environment’ in Collaboration with UNICEF, Generation Unlimited and YuWaah. Through India’s YuWaah campaign, the focus is on engaging youth in impactful environmental actions at the grassroots level, inspired by the Mission Life movement. The global “Green Rising” initiative and the “Green Rising India Alliance” involve UNICEF, Generation Unlimited, and a diverse network of public, private, and youth partners.

As the COP28 Presidency continues to prioritize youth engagement, the Youth, Children, Skills, and Education Day served as a critical moment in advancing climate policy, ensuring the meaningful inclusion of children, young people, and marginalized groups in the decision-making process.

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