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Doordarshan Kisan to launch new AI anchors on May 26

May 24, 2024 3:31 PM IST

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Doordarshan Kisan is set to achieve another milestone. Channel is introducing a new look and style starting May 26. The most exciting feature of this revamp is the introduction of two AI anchors, named AI Krish and AI Bhoomi.

These AI anchors making Doordarshan Kisan the first government TV channel in India to employ artificial intelligence in this way. The AI anchors are designed to look and function just like human presenters, capable of delivering news 24/7 without breaks.

Farmers across India, from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and from Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh, will benefit from the information provided by these AI anchors. They will cover topics such as agricultural research, market trends, weather updates, and government schemes. Impressively, these AI anchors can communicate in fifty different languages, catering to a diverse audience both domestically and internationally.

Doordarshan Kisan, established on May 26, 2015, by the Government of India, is the only TV channel in the country dedicated solely to farmers. The channel aims to keep farmers informed about weather changes, market conditions, and other essential information to help them make timely and informed decisions.

With the launch of AI Krish and AI Bhoomi, Doordarshan Kisan is set to enhance its service to farmers, ensuring they receive accurate and timely information in an innovative and engaging manner.

By Manish Poswal

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