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India and Bangladesh sign key MoUs to enhance bilateral cooperation

June 22, 2024 4:08 PM IST

In a significant diplomatic engagement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina oversaw the exchange of several Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) and agreements aimed at enhancing cooperation across various sectors. The ceremony took place at Hyderabad House in Delhi, marking a pivotal moment in India-Bangladesh relations.

Key agreements exchanged include:

– Shared Vision for India-Bangladesh Digital Partnership:
– Facilitated by Foreign Secretaries Masood Bin Momen (Bangladesh) and Vinay Kwatra (India).
– Focuses on mutual commitments in digital collaboration.

– Shared Vision on the India-Bangladesh Green Partnership:
– Focused on environmental initiatives and sustainable development goals.

– MoU on Maritime Cooperation and Blue Economy:
– Strengthening ties in maritime security and cooperation.
– Exploring opportunities in the blue economy sector.

– MoU for Cooperation on Health and Medicine:
– Renewed to reflect ongoing collaboration in healthcare between the two nations.

– MoU between In-Space and Bangladesh’s Ministry of ICT and Telecom:
– Enhances cooperation in space technology and satellite communication.
– Signed by Shahjahan Mehmood (Bangladesh Satellite Company Ltd) and S Somnath (Department of Space, India).

– MoU between the Ministry of Railways (India) and Bangladesh’s Ministry of Railway:
– Aims to enhance railway connectivity and facilitate smoother cross-border transportation.
– Exchanged by Mohamed Humayun Kabir and Jaya Sinha (Railway Board Chairperson, India).

– MoU for Cooperation in Oceanography:
– Promotes joint research and exploration in ocean sciences.
– Signed by High Commissioners Mohammed Mustafizur Rahman (Bangladesh) and Pranay Verma (India).

– MoU between NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority, India) and Bangladesh’s Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief:
– Renewed to strengthen disaster management strategies and resilience efforts.

– MoU for Cooperation in Fisheries:
– Continues joint efforts in sustainable fisheries management and aquaculture.

– MoU between DSSC (Defence Services Staff College, Wellington) and DSCSC (Defence Services Command and Staff College, Mirpur):
– Promotes military education and strategic studies cooperation in the field of defense.

These MoUs were exchanged following delegation-level talks between PM Modi and PM Hasina.

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