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UK general elections: Labour Party projected to oust Rishi Sunak government

July 5, 2024 8:58 AM IST

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The centre-left Labour Party is set to secure a decisive victory in Britain’s general election, according to a comprehensive exit poll. This outcome ends a 14-year reign of the Conservative Party and positions Labour leader Keir Starmer to assume the role of prime minister imminently.

The exit poll, conducted by Ipsos for BBC, ITV, and Sky, predicted Labour would capture 410 seats, relegating the Conservatives to a mere 131 seats. This landslide marks a clear rebuke of the ruling party by British voters, an anticipated outcome amidst mounting discontent.

Votes are being tallied throughout the night, with expectations high for Starmer to replace Rishi Sunak as prime minister by Friday morning, according to CNN. While falling short of more dramatic predictions made during the campaign, these results signify a significant decline for the Tories since their landslide victory under former Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2019.

Since then, internal strife and a series of scandals have plagued the Conservative Party, failing to reverse public skepticism about their performance. In contrast, Starmer’s disciplined campaign centered on the promise of “Change,” resonating with voters disenchanted by the Tories.

According to the exit poll, the Liberal Democrats are projected to secure 61 seats, reclaiming their position as Britain’s third-largest party in Parliament. Meanwhile, Reform UK, a right-wing populist group led by Nigel Farage, is forecast to secure 13 seats, with the Green Party likely to secure two.

Starmer, a former barrister who entered Parliament in 2015 and assumed Labour leadership in 2020, has steered his party towards the political center. His platform emphasizes revitalizing public services while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

This victory stands as a counterpoint to rising populist sentiments across Europe, even as insurgent parties like Reform UK attracted voters with anti-migration rhetoric, siphoning support from the Conservatives. Conversely, the Tories lost centrist voters in affluent southern English regions to the Liberal Democrats, as reported by CNN.

While Starmer’s projected seat count may fall short of Tony Blair’s 1997 landslide, when Labour last ousted the Conservatives, it ensures a robust parliamentary majority for governance.

As the transition of power unfolds, a battle ensues for control of the opposition. Right-wing Tories sought alliances with Farage’s bloc during the campaign, facing opposition from moderate Conservatives intent on anchoring the party in the political center.

Regarding foreign policy, particularly Britain’s stance towards Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, no significant shifts are expected with Starmer’s ascension. He has committed to maintaining Britain’s supportive stance towards Kyiv.

Additionally, Starmer has called for a ceasefire in Gaza amid Israel’s conflict with Hamas, coupled with efforts to secure the release of Israeli hostages held by the militant group, CNN reported. (ANI)

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