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Diving into the Rainbow: Know how colors shape personality & perception

August 22, 2023 10:02 AM IST

– Ever wondered why fast-food joints favor red and yellow logos? Turns out, these shades aren’t just catchy; they whet our appetites too!

– Clothes in darker monochromatic tones? Voila! Instant height and elegance upgrade.

– Red, the passionate powerhouse, effortlessly grabs attention and ignites feelings of love.

– Green isn’t just calming; it battles migraines like a champion.

– Brown screams stability, with light shades whispering honesty and dark ones, predictability.

– Yellow demands notice but can overdo it, causing unease (remember crying babies in yellow rooms?).

– Blue, the world’s sweetheart, radiates serenity and trust. No wonder it’s a favorite for 40% of folks.

– Purple sneaks in second in popularity, followed by the neutral charm of black.

– White and black? Timeless elegance and adaptability rolled into hues.

– Colors aren’t just about looks. They’re emotions’ symphony, directing interactions and life’s choreography.

– Each color stroke on our mood-canvas shapes existence. Color psychology isn’t skin-deep; it’s mindful artistry.

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