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September 20, 2023 2:31 PM IST

Widening social security umbrella: ESIC records remarkable growth in registrations

In a significant development, the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) has reported a remarkable surge in enrollments and registrations under the ESI Scheme for the month of July 2023. These statistics not only underscore the increasing coverage under the social security umbrella but also demonstrate a positive impact on the nation’s youth and marginalized communities.

The provisional payroll data released by ESIC reveals that an impressive 19.88 lakh new employees joined the ESI Scheme in July 2023. This substantial increase in enrolments indicates a flourishing job market, further bolstering the country’s workforce.

A particularly noteworthy aspect of this surge is the substantial inclusion of young employees. A staggering 9.40 lakh individuals, aged up to 25 years, registered under the ESI Scheme during this period. This accounts for a significant 47.9% of the total employees added in July, underlining the scheme’s appeal to the youth.

Another remarkable development is the registration of 27,870 new establishments under the ESI Scheme in July 2023. This expansion of the social security umbrella ensures that more employers and employees alike can benefit from the protection and assistance that the scheme offers. The steady growth in establishment registrations indicates a strengthening commitment to providing social security across various sectors.

ESIC’s commitment to inclusivity is reflected in the gender-wise analysis of payroll data. Female membership saw a substantial increase, with 3.82 lakh new female members enrolling in July 2023. This demonstrates the scheme’s positive impact on women’s employment and their access to social security benefits.

Moreover, ESIC extended its support to the transgender community, registering a total of 52 transgender employees in July 2023. This move exemplifies the organization’s dedication to providing benefits to every section of society, ensuring that no one is left behind in the quest for social security.

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