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Bangladesh registers nearly one lakh Dengue cases

August 21, 2023 4:53 PM IST

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With the rising threats of Dengue, Bangladesh witnessed over 99,994 cases this year with an additional 2,134 new cases reported overnight. On Sunday, Dhaka Tribune reported that 10 patients had succumbed to death.

According to a press release of the Directorate General of Health Service (DGHS) a total of 476 deaths from dengue disease this year, marking the highest annual toll since the detection of dengue in 2000. Moreover, the DGHS statement, among the total dengue positive cases, 37,640 are female and 62,354 are male while 272 deaths from dengue are female and 204 male.

Dhaka Tribune reported that 7,582 dengue patients are currently receiving treatment across various hospitals. Among them, 3,532 patients are located in Dhaka, while 4,050 are being treated outside the capital city.

However, in 2019, Bangladesh recorded a total of 101,354 cases, marking the highest count of dengue-positive cases in a single year since the inception of the mosquito-borne disease in the country. “During the period, 785 dengue patients were hospitalized in Dhaka city while 1,349 were admitted to different hospitals outside Dhaka,” the DGHs reported.

Usually, the months of August and September have been recognized as the prime period for dengue outbreaks. However, experts have observed a shift in this trend, with the peak incidence extending even into November of the preceding year. These experts project that the ongoing dengue outbreak might persist until November due to a substantial increase in the population of Aedes mosquitoes this year. Additionally, the Meteorological office anticipates that rainy weather will likely prevail throughout the months of October and November.

Dengue trend serving as a warning signal

Health experts, including entomologists, express concerns that the count of dengue cases and fatalities will surpass all previous records this year, pointing to the concerning rise in both cases and deaths. This trend serves as a warning signal of an alarming situation. They caution that the dengue situation could further deteriorate this month and in the upcoming one. As a response, they call upon the relevant authorities to initiate a robust campaign against all forms of mosquitoes.

The climate conditions in Bangladesh are progressively aligning with the propagation of dengue and other diseases transmitted by vectors, such as malaria and the chikungunya virus. This shift is attributed to factors like excessive rainfall, water accumulation, flooding, temperature elevation, and unconventional alterations in the country’s traditional seasonal patterns.

The recent upsurge in dengue cases worldwide, including in previously unaffected areas, is causing considerable concern and presenting substantial global health complexities. A significant portion of the worldwide cases has been witnessed in the America region. According to data shared by Pan America Health Organization, throughout 2023 up to July, the majority of cases in the region have emerged from Brazil and Peru.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts the potential for an unprecedented level of cases this year, attributing this increase to the impact of global warming, which is creating conducive conditions for disease-carrying mosquitoes. Furthermore, the WHO urged initiatives aimed at managing mosquito populations, along with advocating for personal protection measures such as the use of mosquito repellents and wearing long-sleeved attire to reduce individual exposure.

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