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India’s vision for a unified global future: PM’s statement at G20 summit session 3

September 10, 2023 3:19 PM IST

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In a historic address at the G-20 summit, Indian leadership articulated a compelling vision for a future that transcends boundaries, promoting unity and cooperation on a global scale. The speech emphasized the need for a shift from GDP-centric approaches to human-centric development, showcasing India’s commitment to sharing knowledge and data for the benefit of all nations.

India’s innovative approach to technology, particularly in inclusive development and last-mile delivery, was underscored. The adoption of digital payments even in remote villages highlighted India’s strides in creating a digital public infrastructure. Furthermore, the endorsement of the “G20 Principles on Harnessing Data for Development” illustrated the country’s commitment to harnessing data for socioeconomic growth.

India took a significant step forward by launching the “Data for Development Capacity Building Initiative” under its presidency. The establishment of the Startup 20 engagement group further exemplified India’s proactive role in fostering global collaboration.

The address delved into the transformative power of new-generation technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). It called for the development of a framework for responsible human-centric AI governance, ensuring that AI benefits all nations across socio-economic development, the global workforce, and research and development.

The speech also addressed pressing global issues, such as cybersecurity and cryptocurrency challenges. Recognizing the evolving landscape of these areas, the call for the development of global standards for regulating cryptocurrencies and enhancing cybersecurity cooperation was particularly noteworthy.

Emphasizing the importance of adapting global institutions to current realities, the address cited the example of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). It highlighted the need for reforms in various global forums and institutions to reflect the changing world order.

In a groundbreaking move, India granted permanent membership to the African Union in the G-20, signaling a commitment to inclusivity and collaboration with regional organizations. The need for immediate and effective reforms in Multilateral Development Banks was also stressed.

In conclusion, the address underscored the urgency of balancing transformation with sustainability and stability in a rapidly changing world. India’s commitment to the Green Development Pact, Action Plan on Sustainable Development Goals, High-Level Principles on Anti-Corruption, Digital Public Infrastructure, and MDB Reforms reaffirmed its dedication to shaping a better future for all nations.

The speech concluded by inviting input and perspectives from the international community, highlighting the importance of collective action and unity to realize the vision of a unified global family.

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