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Nipah Virus alert in Kerala; Health Minister urges to remain alert

September 19, 2023 5:15 PM IST

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No case of Nipah infection has been reported in Kerala in the last 24 hours. The nine-year-old child infected with this has come out of the ventilator. According to Kerala Health Minister Veena George, the child’s health is now improving. She said that the danger of this Nipah virus is in nine states of the country, including Kerala. This has come to light in the study conducted by ICMR and WHO. This Nipah infection is caused by bats.

She said that the virus found in Kerala has been identified as the Indian genotype, or I genotype, which is similar to the strain found in Bangladesh. There are two strains of Nipah virus, one from Malaysia and the other from Bangladesh. He

She further said that the situation regarding Nipah in the state is satisfactory. A list of people who came into contact with the Nipah-infected patient has been prepared. 1233 people are now on the contact list. 23 people have been admitted to the medical college. There are four people in the hospital.

She added that to deal with Nipah, samples of 36 bats have been collected so far and sent for testing. With this, house visits have been completed in 34,167 houses. At present, the situation is under control. There are 352 people on the high-risk contact list. In places where the Nipah virus has been confirmed, health workers have intensified prevention activities.

Two people have died in Kerala due to Nipah and four people are undergoing treatment. The infection with this virus is not very severe, but the death rate due to it ranges from 40 to 70 percent.

(Inputs from Hindusthan Samachar)

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