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Kuwait launches probe into tragic fire that killed at least 49

June 13, 2024 11:46 AM IST

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Kuwait’s public prosecutor on Wednesday started an investigation into a fire that tore through a building housing foreign workers in the southern Mangaf area, leaving at least 49 people dead and dozens of others injured. The probe aims to uncover the circumstances behind the incident and what might have triggered the deadly inferno, the public prosecutor said on a social media platform.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdullah Al-Yahya and Minister of Health Dr. Ahmad Al-Awadhi visited Al-Adan Hospital to see the injured people in the tragic fire that broke out at a workers’ building in Al-Mangaf, south of Kuwait City on Wednesday.

In a press statement, the Foreign Ministry confirmed the government’s commitment to providing the highest healthcare services for the injured people and wished them a speedy recovery.

The Kuwait Ministry of Interior has announced that the death toll from the fire that engulfed the Al-Mangaf building has reached 49.

Meanwhile, The NoRKA-Roots (Non-Resident Keralite’s Affairs ) has set up a help desk following the fire tragedy. Non-resident Keralites can contact the NoRKA Global Contact Centre’s 24-hour toll-free numbers 1800 425 3939 (from India) and +91-8802 012 345 (from abroad, missed call service).

The Commissionerate of Rehabilitation and Welfare of Non-Resident Tamils on Wednesday launched helpline numbers: +91 1800 309 3793, +91 80 6900 9900, and +91 80 6900 9901.

Minister of State (MEA) Kirti Vardhan Singh is reaching Kuwait at 9:30 hrs (local time) today. From the airport, he will go straight to the hospitals. He will also meet the Finance Minister and other top officials of Kuwait.

By: Vinod Kumar, Dubai

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