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August 23, 2023 1:22 PM IST

Secretariat Reforms Reports Released: Focus on improving decision making in government

Central Ministries have made significant improvement in the process of reforms involving delayering, delegation of powers to lower formulations, desk officer system and digitization to improve the decision-making in government. 42 Ministries have fully achieved delayering and 22 have partially delayered the channel of submission.

The 16th edition of the Central Secretariat Manual of Office Procedure Manual CSMOP-2022 which is the backbone of the functioning of the central ministries was released on 5th August 2022. DARPG also brought out the first hindi edition of CSMoP on 31st October 2022 to facilitate Secretariat functioning in the official language

In pursuance of the decisions taken in the national workshop on 23.12.2022, DARPG published monthly report on “Secretariat Reforms” for June-July, 2023.

Key highlights of the Report for the month of June-July, 2023 are as follows:

Swachhata Campaign & Reduction in Pendency

  • 3.22 lakh files were reviewed. 1.49 lakh files weeded out, out of 1.96 lakh identified for weeding
  • 8.63 lakh public grievances disposed out of 9.70 lakh received (Disposal rate-88.94%)
  • 40.64 lakh square feet of space freed in June-July, 2023
  •  Rs.37.56 crore revenue earned by scrap disposal in June-July, 2023
  • Cleanliness Campaign conducted at 7,186 sites

Increasing Efficiency in Decision Making-

  • All Ministries/ Departments of Govt. of India have adopted delayering and are in partially delayered/ fully delayered category (60 fully delayered; 19 partially delayered)
  • 43 Ministries/Departments have reviewed and modified order of delegation 2021-2023
  • Desk Officer System in operation in 40 Ministries/ Departments
    e-Office implementation and analytics
  • All 75 Ministries which were identified for e-Office 7.0 migration have adopted e-Office 7.0
  • 27.44 lakh active e-Files against 9.24 lakh active physical files in the Central Secretariat
  • 10 Ministries/ Departments have 100% e-Receipts in the month of June, 2023
  • e-Receipts in June increased to 91.92% from 91.43% in May 2023

Best Practices-

  • Department of Telecommunication: To ensure health and well-being of the employees, a scrap room has been converted to Gym in Department of Telecommunications, Sanchar Bhawan, which was inaugurated on 23rd June, 2023.
  • Department of Biotechnology: Initiated E-Book, INTRADBT, and eProMIS to enable applicants to submit proposals, create a repository of all schemes, and provide a one-stop source of information to the department employees. eProMIS enable applicants to submit competitive research grant project proposals under various R&D programs of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) around the year without waiting for specific calls for proposals.
  • Department of Commerce: has taken several steps for capacity building and training of its employees. In addition to the annual capacity building plan, 30% of the total employees of the department have completed their training modules on the Dakshata Programme. The Department has developed an intranet portal accessible to all employees, which helps in data dissemination and digitization of administrative procedures. The portal has provisions for conference room booking, online requisition for stationery, the status of VIP references, uploading of OMs/orders, notice board, dashboard, meetings scheduled on a particular day, download of important forms, etc.

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