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Aditya Ahuja

November 7, 2023 11:06 AM IST

World Cup 2023: Sri Lanka and Bangladesh players refuse to shake hands after ‘timed out’ controversy

In a shocking turn of events, players from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh refused to shake hands with each other following a highly contentious World Cup game. This controversy unfolded after Angelo Mathews made history by becoming the first international cricketer to face a ‘timed out’ dismissal, as he wasn’t ready to face the ball within two minutes of a wicket falling. The incident took place at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi on November 6, during their league stage game.

Intense Heated Moments Throughout the Match

The match was rife with tension from the very beginning, marked by verbal altercations between Sri Lanka captain Kusal Mendis and Bangladesh pacer Tanzim Hasan Sakib. Moreover, there were intense stare-downs between Charith Asalanka and the Bangladesh bowlers. The atmosphere became even more charged when Sri Lanka’s all-rounder Angelo Mathews was ruled out due to a ‘timed out’ dismissal in the 25th over, a historical first in international cricket.

Mathews’ Furious Reaction and On-Field Tensions

Angelo Mathews’ frustration was palpable as he threw his helmet and gloves in disbelief while heading to the dugout. Captain Kusal Mendis and coach Chris Silverwood watched in astonishment. The tension didn’t end there; when it was Sri Lanka’s turn to field, they gave a confrontational reception to Shakib when he walked out to bat. Mathews further fueled the flames by signaling ‘time out’ after dismissing Shakib of his own bowling. The hostilities continued well beyond the match’s conclusion, which ended in Bangladesh’s favor.

Refusal to Shake Hands

As soon as Bangladesh hit the winning runs, via leg byes in the 42nd over, Sri Lankan players shook hands with the umpires and left the field. They steadfastly refused to extend their hands to the Bangladesh batters – Tanzim Hasan Sakib and Towhid Hridoy – in the middle. Uncharacteristically, the players did not line up to exchange pleasantries, a customary post-match practice in cricket. Notably, the Sri Lankan players departed the field without any handshakes, and there were no efforts from the Bangladesh camp to defuse the situation. It’s worth mentioning that the support staff of both teams did engage in a traditional handshake.

Shakib’s Press Conference

During his post match press conference, Shakib Al Hasan stated that he had known Angelo Mathews since their U-19 days and they had played together. He expressed regret over the incident but pointed out that it was within the rules.

Shakib also mentioned that the matter of the “Spirit of Cricket” should be decided by the ICC, and if the rule goes against the spirit, they should consider changing it.

As for the possibility of a similar tactic being employed against him in the future, Shakib said that he would exercise caution and such a situation is unlkely to occur with him.

Mathews’ Press Conference

The Sri Lankan all-rounder Angelo Mathews expressed his shock and disappointment after being dismissed via ‘time out’ by Bangladesh during a cricket match, calling it “disgraceful. He argued that he still had 5 seconds left and promised to provide video evidence to support his claim.

Mathews further argued that he hadn’t done anything wrong and had a mere equipment malfunction. He also emphasized the importance of respecting opponents in the spirit of the game and questioned the umpires for not doing their job properly.

Mathews believed the incident showed the umpires’ and opposition’s lack of ‘common sense’ and expressed his dismay at the level to which the rivalry between the two teams had escalated.

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