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PM Modi discusses vision for reformed multilateralism & global challenges

September 6, 2023 3:06 PM IST

PM Modi

India’s PM, Narendra Modi, shared his insights on a range of global issues, including India’s vision for reformed multilateralism, climate change, clean energy deployment, and the role of technology in global development In a recent interview with Moneycontrol.

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the need for multilateral institutions to adapt and reform with the times to remain effective and relevant. He highlighted the importance of credible multilateralism that treats all stakeholders consistently, equally, and with dignity. He also stressed the importance of people-to-people contact, including trade, tourism, sports, culture, and technology, as a means to foster true understanding between nations.

PM Modi discussed India’s role as a trusted advocate for the Global South within the G20. He emphasized India’s empathetic approach, understanding the aspirations of developing nations, and advocating for their concerns on global platforms. India’s focus on Africa and initiatives like the Voice of the Global South Summit underscore its commitment to inclusive representation.

He recognized the impact of climate change on a global scale and stressed the need for a global approach to address climate change and highlighted the importance of positive actions like energy transition, sustainable agriculture, and lifestyle transformation. He also called for a sensitive and empathetic approach, especially toward developing nations disproportionately affected by climate crises.

Acknowledging the global challenge of inflation, PM Modi stressed the importance of cooperation among countries to prevent negative repercussions from monetary and fiscal policies. He highlighted India’s own efforts to control inflation and prioritize pro-people decisions.

He discussed India’s journey to becoming the fifth-largest economy and projected third-largest by 2027. He emphasized that India’s growth is clean, green, and driven by a human-centric approach. It empowers the poor, youth, women, and farmers, making India’s growth beneficial for the entire world.

In response to a question about his boundless energy, Prime Minister Modi attributed it to working with inspiring individuals dedicated to missions rather than personal ambitions. His mission is to work for the development of India and its people, which serves as a constant source of energy and optimism.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interview shed light on India’s vision for global issues and its commitment to reformed multilateralism, climate action, clean energy, and technology-driven development. India’s growing role on the world stage, especially within the G20, reflects its dedication to inclusive representation and the betterment of the entire world.

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