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Brain Infinity supercharges brain training with $100,000 seed funding from VIDEOO LLC

June 6, 2024 4:59 PM IST

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Brain Infinity is thrilled to announce a significant seed-funding investment of $100,000 from VIDEOO LLC, a video technology leader and leading US innovator in video technologies. Terming it a financial boost for the company, Brain Infinity has said this development may prove a game-changer for unlocking brain’s full potential for the people in general and the youth in particular, empowering them to achieve new heights in their career and personal endeavors!

Founded by Vikaas Naagru, Brain Infinity is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach new heights. We use personalized brain mapping and training to improve cognitive skills, reduce stress, and transform weaknesses into strengths. Whether you’re a student aiming for academic excellence, a professional seeking to climb the career ladder, or a company seeking the perfect talent, Brain Infinity offers tailored programs to help you achieve your goals.

This seed funding from VIDEOO LLC is more than just a vote of confidence – it’s a springboard for innovation. Imagine combining Brain Infinity’s cutting-edge brain mapping with VIDEOO LLC’s expertise in video technologies. The possibilities are endless! We could develop interactive workshops that make brain training even more engaging, or create personalized learning experiences that adapt to your brain’s unique way of working.

Specifically for corporations, Brain Infinity offers a revolutionary brain mapping test that can be used for right-brain hiring. This innovative approach goes beyond traditional resumes and interviews to assess a candidate’s natural aptitudes and potential for success in specific roles. By identifying an individual’s strengths in areas like creativity, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence, Brain Infinity can help companies find the perfect fit for their team, leading to increased productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Fingerprint analysis, the secret code on your fingertips, is like a cool superpower for self-discovery offered by Brain Infinity’s flagship Brain Mapping Test. These unique lines, formed before you’re even born, can hint at your strengths, like being super creative or amazing at solving puzzles. They might even suggest how you learn best, whether it’s by seeing pictures or doing things yourself. This knowledge is your key to unlocking your potential, whether it’s finding the perfect career path, starting your own business, or excelling in any field that excites you.

On this occasion, Vikaas Naagru, Cofounder & CEO of Brain Infinity exuded great confidence, adding that this investment will also allow his company to supercharge our team. “We’ll be able to recruit even more talented minds to develop groundbreaking new tools and resources. Plus, with VIDEOO LLC’s global reach, we can expand our services and empower even more people and organizations around the world to unlock their brain power!”, said Naagru.

“A huge thank you to our incredible community for your unwavering support. You’ve been our driving force, and now, with VIDEOO LLC by our side, we’re ready to take things to the next level. We also extend our deepest gratitude to Jai Sharma, Founder & Director of VIDEOO LLC, for believing in our vision and investing in the future of brain optimization and right-brain hiring practices”, said Naagru.

Naagru said, Brain Infinity continues to revolutionize the world of brain training and corporate recruitment. With this investment, we’re poised to make brain mapping and personalized training accessible and effective for everyone. Get ready to unlock your true potential and achieve amazing things! 

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