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Veer Gatha Project 3.0: A Nationwide tribute to bravery by school students

October 6, 2023 3:19 PM IST

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In a remarkable display of patriotism and creativity, more than 1.36 crore school students from all 36 States and Union Territories of India came together to participate enthusiastically in the 3rd edition of the Veer Gatha Project. This project, initiated under the Gallantry Awards Portal (GAP) in 2021, aims to honor the acts of bravery and sacrifice of the officers and personnel of the Armed Forces while instilling values of civic consciousness and patriotism among students.

The Veer Gatha Project 3.0 went beyond its noble goals by providing a platform for school students to engage in creative projects and activities inspired by gallantry award winners. This initiative has already seen the successful completion of various activities at the school level, conducted from 28th July 2023 to 30th September 2023, where schools uploaded their four best entries on the MyGov portal.

To foster awareness among school students about the gallantry award winners of our nation, the Ministry of Defence, in collaboration with its field organizations and the Army, Navy, and Air Force, organized virtual and face-to-face awareness programs and sessions for schools across the country.

The Veer Gatha Project has witnessed significant growth since its inception. In the first two editions, more than 8 lakh students participated in Edition-I, while Edition-II drew the participation of over 19 lakh students. During these earlier editions, 25 winners, referred to as the “Super 25,” were selected and felicitated by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defence in New Delhi.

However, the Veer Gatha Project 3.0 is set to raise the bar even higher, as 100 winners, known as the “Super 100,” will be selected at the National Level and jointly felicitated by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defence in New Delhi. Each of these deserving winners will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 10,000.

This year’s Veer Gatha Project 3.0 will also recognize winners at the District level, with 4 winners (one from each category) and at the State / UT level, with 8 winners (two from each category), irrespective of the board. Notably, these winners at the District and State / UT levels will not include students selected in the Super 100 category.

Students whose entries have been uploaded to the portal, whether through CBSE or MyGov, will receive E-Certificates of Participation as a token of appreciation for their dedication and efforts.

The felicitation of winners will be a grand affair. National-level winners will receive their well-deserved recognition and a cash prize of Rs. 10,000 each from the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Education. Meanwhile, all winners at the District and State / UT levels will be honored by their respective authorities, with the modalities of prizes being decided and budgeted accordingly.

In summary, the Veer Gatha Project 3.0 is not only a celebration of bravery and sacrifice but also a testament to the creativity and patriotic spirit of the nation’s youth. It serves as a reminder that the stories of gallantry award winners continue to inspire and shape the future of India.

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