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Interdisciplinary Education Will Define the Future of Work, Experts Say at Education Fair in Dubai

May 18, 2024 3:41 PM IST

At the Gulf News EduFair in Dubai, educational leaders emphasized that interdisciplinary education is crucial for preparing students to thrive in the future job market. Representatives from Manipal University and Middlesex University shared how their institutions are innovating to meet the demands of an evolving workforce.

Dr. S. Sudhindra, Academic President at Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai Campus, highlighted the need for interdisciplinary studies to keep up with rapid technological and communicative changes. “We must adapt both how and what we teach, and universities are no longer custodians of knowledge,” he asserted. “Our teaching methods are evolving, and faculty roles are shifting from lecturers to facilitators. Continuous research and interaction with industry are crucial to staying ahead.” He noted the introduction of interdisciplinary studies at Manipal University, emphasizing the significant benefits of combining STEM and liberal arts education to prepare students for a wide array of careers.

Amanda Fernandes, Manager of Careers and Employability Services at Middlesex University Dubai, asserted the critical role of career training in helping students navigate the expanding job market. She stressed the importance of career offices in providing access to industry professionals and equipping students with the skills to present themselves effectively. “Confidence and practical training are key to ensuring students feel prepared for the workforce,” she explained. Fernandes emphasized that adaptability and interdisciplinary learning are essential for students as they pursue diverse career paths.

The panelists made it clear that interdisciplinary education is pivotal in equipping students with the diverse skills required in today’s job market. Universities are increasingly blending different fields of study to create a comprehensive and adaptable educational experience, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the future of work.

By: Vinod Kumar (Dubai)

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