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Vinod Kumar (UAE)

November 15, 2023 9:48 AM IST

Global Media Congress transforms media landscape and spurs environmental advocacy

Participants in the Global Media Congress (GMC) have unequivocally asserted that the ongoing event stands as a pivotal global platform, reshaping the future of the media sector and fostering sustainable collaborations among diverse media stakeholders.

Delegates emphasized the GMC’s role in facilitating crucial discussions on various pressing issues, with a pronounced emphasis on climate-related concerns. The event underscores the significance of fortifying the role of environmental media, particularly in light of the United Arab Emirates hosting the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).On the inaugural day of the Congress, coinciding with COP28, a special focus was directed towards exploring the media’s potential in addressing environmental challenges and climate change. The first day also saw the signing of several MoUs between global Media organizations.

This year’s Congress introduces five accompanying features, with some being introduced for the first time. Noteworthy elements include the innovation and startups platform, boasting over 24 startups, the training and education feature hosting more than 30 workshops, and the Future Media Labs facilitating elite-level discussions in six closed sessions. Additionally, the influencer innovation feature includes dedicated dialogue sessions, and a new media session and round tables feature brings together experts, speakers, innovators, and global media leaders.

The Congress’s opening featured a special session delving into the interactive applications of artificial intelligence technologies. A diverse group of speakers hailing from Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Australia engaged in discussions covering the impact of AI development on the media. Their insights revolved around AI’s role as a catalyst for new practices in the sector, particularly in data analysis and the transformation of data into reliable media stories capable of generating desired impact and interaction. Global Media Congress runs from Nov 14th to 17th at ADNEC, Abudhabi, UAE.


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