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India Can Become a Leader in Transition: Dr. Vandana Shiva Advocates for Ecological Agriculture at IGCF Sharjah

September 14, 2023 3:55 PM IST

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Sharjah : As the world gears up for the crucial COP 28 summit this November, renowned Indian ecologist and environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva has emphasized the critical interconnection between climate change and the global food and hunger crisis. In the International Government Communication Forum at Sharjah, Dr. Shiva called for a paradigm shift towards ecological agriculture to combat climate change and ensure food security.

Addressing the pressing issues of our time, Dr. Shiva pointed out that a staggering 50% of greenhouse gases are generated by industrial food and farming practices. She firmly believes that the solution to this dilemma lies in the adoption of ecological agriculture, a method that harmonizes food production with environmental sustainability.

India’s role in this endeavor is significant, highlighted by the presence of a dedicated minister for Climate and Environment and the chair of the Food Security Council in the country. Dr. Shiva stressed that instead of pitting food security against climate protection, it is imperative to recognize the compatibility of these objectives.

“In protecting the climate, we cannot rely on the same systems that provide us with nourishing food and safeguard the rights of our farmers,” Dr. Shiva emphasized.Drawing upon her background as a physicist, Dr. Shiva’s passion for agriculture and biodiversity preservation stems from India’s historical contributions to these fields. She pointed out that India has been a pioneer in biodiversity protection and farming practices in harmony with nature, citing Albert Howard’s role in promoting organic farming worldwide.

Dr. Shiva urged countries across the globe to look to India as a leader in transitioning towards ecological agriculture. She stressed that harnessing India’s wealth of knowledge could be instrumental in rejuvenating the Earth, mitigating the climate crisis, reversing the loss of biodiversity, and rectifying injustices faced by farmers.In closing, Dr. Shiva called for a unified effort to prioritize sustainability and justice. “We have the potential to lead the way in crafting a more ecologically responsible and equitable future,” she said.

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